Tuesday, November 22, 2016

5 Female Entrepreneurs Other Nigerian Women Could Learn From

Here is a list of 5 female entrepreneurs other Nigerian women who are yet to be entrepreneurs could learn from. In this guide, you would be inspired to become a better entrepreneur or even become an entrepreneur if you are not yet one.

 Many women in Nigeria feel that being an entrepreneur is weird due to the fact that they feel that it’s a profession for men, but this is a wrong mind set, you have to feel good about yourself as a woman and achieve your dreams.
 You don’t need to kill your dreams as an entrepreneur simply because you are a woman. Who told you that you would not succeed being a female entrepreneur? Gone are the days when women were treated as second class citizens and gender for the kitchen, nowadays you must work towards achieving your entrepreneurial dreams as a woman in Nigeria.
I hope these five female entrepreneurs I would list may become an inspiration for you to become an entrepreneur.

5 Female Entrepreneurs Other Nigerian Women Could Learn From

1. Folurunsho Alakija:

Folurunsho Alakija is a 62 year old Nigerian female entrepreneur who focuses on fashion and also runs FAMFA oil, a gas and oil exploration and production company which now claims to be worth over $600 million.
 Guess what, she didn’t just start as female entrepreneur in just a night, she started her fashion house company in 1985 and today she is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in Nigeria and beyond.
 You can be inspired by her success as an entrepreneur and start up something you are passionate about, and then you will see yourself grow to become a successful female entrepreneur in Nigeria.

2. Bola Shagaya:

Bola Shagaya is a Nigerian business woman who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bolmus Group International, which is a diversified Nigerian conglomerate company that has interests in oil, banking and real estate.
 The company is worth millions of dollars and as you can see, she has proven to be a successful female entrepreneur who did not give up.

3. Adaora Mbelu:

Adaora Mbelu is the head of A2Creative, which is a brand management company. She works on projects across various industries as Project Manager, Content Director and even a Brand Manger.
 She is truly worthy to be called a female entrepreneur, due to her innovation.

4. Affiong Williams:

 Affiong Williams is a 31 year old female entrepreneur who founded an agribusiness known as Reel Fruit which is a growing food-processing company focused on processing, packaging and branding of local, and quality fruit products.
 This lady tapped into a niche that has great potentials in Nigeria “Agriculture” and she is making it big today, she could be your role model, if you are young and aspiring to be an entrepreneur.

5. Yasmin Belo Osagie:

Yasmin Belo Osagie is the co-founder of a concept known as She leads Africa (SLA) and it is a social enterprise that helps equip aspiring female entrepreneurs, in order for them to gather the knowledge needed to build strong businesses.
 Well, if you are planning to become a female entrepreneur then you can be part of Yasmin Belo Osagie’s concept.

I hope I have being able to inspire you by listing out this five female entrepreneurs in Nigeria who are aiming high and from which you could learn and be better.

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