Wednesday, November 23, 2016

8 Online Businesses That Can Create Wealth

 In today’s topic, I will be discussing about 8 online businesses that can create wealth for any individual who chooses to opt-into it.
 Here, I am not going to talk about ponzi schemes that may work well today and fail tomorrow. But here I would be writing on standard online businesses that can stand the test of time and are also legitimate.

 Since the evolution of the internet, many online businesses have emerged and many are leading as one of the top brands in the world, that is simply because many people rely on the internet to get information, chat with friends, buy goods and services, buy apps and many other things. You too can also create wealth for yourself by getting involved in a legitimate online business.
 Here are 8 online businesses that can create wealth.

8 online Businesses That Can Create Wealth

1. Blogging
2. Online Coaching
3. E-Commerce
4. SEO
5. App Development
6. Freelancing
7. Social Media Consulting
8. Publishing of E-Book

1. Blogging:
Blogging is the art of writing content that would be published on a blog and it is a sure online business that can create wealth for you if you are serious about making money online.
 Many people have created wealth for themselves by being bloggers and you too can make money for yourself being a blogger.
 It is a legitimate and profitable online business that you can venture into.

2. Online Coaching:
Since many people rely on the internet to get basic information and some others would love to learn something specific, you can become an online coach who would offer tutorials and guides on a particular subject that you have good level of expertise and this would in turn yield profit beyond your imagination.
 So if you are looking for an online business that can create wealth for you, then being an online coach is a good idea.

3. E-Commerce:
Millions of people prefer shopping online to get their best products and you can set up an e-commerce store that would be the platform for buyers to get their products. The few existing e-commerce platforms including Amazon, E-bay, Jumia and Konga are getting huge revenue from their e-commerce stores.
 E-commerce stores usually present its owners with long term benefits.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization):
Many businesses do not know about the importance of optimizing their web platforms for Search Engines and being a SEO expert or consultant can make you earn huge by helping businesses get exposed with SEO.
 This is a good online business you can start, if you understand how search engines display results.

5. App Development:
You can begin making applications, most especially web-based and mobile apps that have interesting features and you would make a lot of money from it.
 Being an app developer requires you to learn coding and then being creative, this can earn you a good amount of money online.

6. Freelancing:
 You can become a professional freelancer and make a lot of money by writing articles to major mainstream media houses and getting paid.
 People are making a living being freelance writers and it is a good online business to engage in.

7. Social Media Consulting:
Did you know that brands and even small businesses are looking for social media consulting firms or consultants to manage their various social media channels? Because brands are beginning to know the importance of social media to their business that is why they can go any length to get people to manage their social media channels.
 That’s why being a social media consultant or opening a social media consulting firm is very profitable.

8. Publishing Of E-Book:
Gone are the day when you have to spend lots of money to publish books, because in today’s world, you can write your book and put them up for sale in an online platform like Amazon Kindle and earn a lot of passive income.

 This is one of the best ways you can create a recurring income that would be sustainable.
These 8 online businesses  I have just discussed should be able to create wealth for you, that’s when you chose the one that best  suites you and how you would be able to exhibit patience to seeing the success of your online venture.

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